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Bill Callahan Keys to Victory Over Colorado


I've seen some comments that Nebraska may be overlooking Colorado coming into this game. We've already won the Big 12 North - Colorado is 2-9, won't be much trouble, and we're ready to play Texas.

Focus won't be a problem. It's the last home game for the Seniors, it's against  a rival, and I believe Callahan does a very good job at getting his players ready to play.

Nebraska needs to play hard the entire game - finish the game like we did against Texas A&M. At this point in the season, we need to be playing complete football. Anything less is a disappointment.  

Stop The Run

As we showed earlier in the week, Colorado is above average at rushing the football and getting into the end zone. Both of these play directly into Nebraska strengths - the front seven on defense, and keeping teams out of the end zone.

Buffs quarterback Bernard Jackson has been explosive at times this season - he has 28 runs of 10 or more yards, and has racked up 661 yards, third most ever in a single season for a Colorado quarterback. The front seven needs to contain Jackson, not let him loose, and make him beat the Blackshirts through the air.

Nebraska should be able to stop the Colorado rush with our front seven - without using safeties in run support - meaning we can shut down the Buffs offense.

Keep 'Em Down

We've grown accustomed to Husker fast-starts this year. We've grown accustomed watching those leads evaporate in the second half. The Missouri and Texas A&M games should have taught us if we want to keep a lead, we need to keep scoring as the game goes on.

Realistically, if we get to 21-24 points, the game should be ours, but why stop there?


Nebraska     34
Colorado     14