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Morning Coffee - Two Days Before Colorado

CU Kicker Mason Crosby is one of the best kickers in the nation - he'll certainly have a home in the NFL next season.

And that list of scoring marks doesn't even include Crosby's prowess on kickoffs. In four years, opponents have returned just 60 of his 200 kicks. In 2004 against Iowa State, in fact, he booted a kickoff 87 yards in the air for a touchback after a penalty forced the Buffs to kick from the 20-yard line.

Nebraska has struggled with touchbacks this season, although it has gotten better the past three games. Maybe we'll do a short segment comparison on special teams later today.....

When you think of Todd Peterson, you think of a possesion-type reciever, right? Or you think of him of as a Nebraska feel-good story, a 6'4" kid from Grand Island who walked on a couple years ago and has contributed much to Nebraska's offense this season?

CU guard Brian Daniels is happy with the bulletin board material the Buffaloes have provided before the game.

"I can picture him saying something like that," Daniels said. "If we can get them fired up, have them bring their best and beat them at their best, that's even better. The rivalry is kind of fun like that."

Tonight, the Husker volleyball team can win the Big 12 outright with a road win over Kansas.

Big Red Network has an interview with a couple Husker fans currently stationed in Iraq.

Crosscyed- Iowa State Blogger is asking Cyclone fans (or anyone else) who they'd like to see as ISU's next head coach. Read the comments section for comments on Norvell - one of the posters gives good reasons as to why we probably won't see Norvell as the next head ISU coach.

Husker Mike does a great job on giving us an update of Husker (and ex) coaches around the nation.

An Oklahoman blogger and Missouri newspaper both rank Nebraska at third in their Big 12 power polls.