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Morning Coffee - Three Days Before Colorado

Morning Coffee  - Three Days Before Colorado

Colorado's Press Conference notes before Nebraska - see what Dan Hawkins (The Hawk) thinks about a playoff system:

HIS OPINION ON BSC PLAYOFF SYSTEM--"I will say publicly I voted them [Ohio State and Michigan, respectively] one and two. There were some in my household who were not in favor of that vote. I talked about it with [Associate AD/Sports Information] David [Plati]....I've been in a playoff situation before [in D-1AA] and everyone wants to settle it on the field. And my experience is that it doesn't get settled on the field, it gets settled in the training room. I've been in the situation where I lost my starting quarterback in the semifinal game and it had a huge impact on the national championship game. A huge impact. I don't know if a true playoff system is really what ought to happen."

Hate to say it, but I agree with his comment. In a true playoff system, the most likely winner would be the team with the most guys left standing. It's the best reason to not have a playoff system in Division IA. We're close enough to a playoff system that what we have works fairly well, why change it?

The Punk Band "The Dead Schembechlers" have chosen to disband after the death of Bo Schembechler, stating:

"Our group would like to extend our deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers to the Schembechler family on their loss," said Bo Biafra, the group's lead singer, at an afternoon gathering at the 1,700-seat Newport Music Hall across from the OSU campus.

Proceeds from their last concert, performed at the Hate Michigan Rally, will be donated to the charity of the Schembechler's family choice. It's an odd world we live in, isn't it?

mgoblog, a Michigan blog, is one of the best college blogs out there. Great insight, a great read. His remarks about watching with other people football mirror exactly my feelings about gameday. There aren't a lot of people who'll watch a game with me twice, exactly for the reasons he's stated. He isn't advocating a rematch against Ohio State, and gives a reasonable argument against it.

John Mabry at Husker Extra has a nice piece about Bill Callahan's coaching philosphy. There is so much talk about how Callahan doesn't represent Nebraska traditions, that he's only in it for the money (as if he couldn't have gotten paid to coach somewhere else) but after reading this you get the idea that his philosophy about success and life aren't all that different than Tom Osborne's.

Hawkins no longer sees Nebraska as a red-letter game, but current assistant coach and former quarterback Darian Hagan can't help himself when he says:

"... It's always a red-letter game. We're going to go in there with fire in our eyes and try and hit them in the mouth and kick their butt. So when they go in there two weeks from now and play in the Big 12 Championship, they're going to be limping in. That's our goal."

We wouldn't expect anything less from the Buffs, would we?

By now, the Dan Hawkins comment, "Just remember this, at 0-5, the worst days as a Buff is better than the best days as a Husker." has made it's way around the Internet. Putting this in perspective:

It's a cute comment - something Hawkins said to suck up to the Buff faithful. Coloradans must go for that type of thing - style over substance - like fruit people put in overrated, expensive beer to give it some taste.