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While I Was Out

I posted some items last week, but for most of the week, I didn't have time nor energy (nor, most of the time, Internet access) to post. I did want to comment on some items I'd missed:

Nebraska volleyball suffered their first loss of the season, losing to Colorado. They remain at number one, however, due to a Penn State loss at the same time. Washington is at two, Stanford three, and Penn State number four. Nebraska can win the Big 12 conference with a win over Kansas.

As we all know, Bo passed away. Great coach, loved listening to him, loved complaining about his opinions. Always wondered why he wasn't on a bigger stage (such as replacing Lou Holtz next to Mark May this year). My condolences to the Michigan family.

I did get to watch some great high school football over the week. Nebraska's high school finals were played this last week. Being a Western Nebraska ("Western Nebraska" defined as anything West of Lincoln), I especially enjoyed watching Kearney beat Omaha Westside for the Class A title.

I was disappointed when Class C1 Auburn beat Valentine in double overtime 28-27. It was a great game to watch. Valentine's kicker just missed a 44 yard field goal when it clanged off the upright. He then missed an extra point in the second overtime, and when Auburn made their PAT, it was over. Most people would think that the kicker lost the game, but it was Valentine's inability to play pass defense that cost them the game.

I now understand why people complain about Jim Rose as Nebraska's play by play guy. We went hunting during the second half of the Nebraska - Texas A&M game last week and were forced to rely on the radio for game information (not to worry, we watched the tape when we returned).

You can't tell what's happening on the field most of the time when listening to the guy. Even his excitement is confusing as you think something big is happening, and he'll finish it off with a lifeless droll of "It's incomplete". He needs to improve. I normally don't have to rely on Rose for my Nebraska football fix, but if I did, I'd be calling the Athletic Department to complain.

I'll be getting back up to speed today. :)