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Mizzou - Must Win?

How big is this game against the Tigers? I'd have to say it's a must win game for Nebraska if we're going to win the Big 12 North. The winner this weekend will have a two game edge over the loser with two games remaining. Missouri has a bye week, then travels to Iowa State team whose season has fallen apart, and then has a home game against a Kansas squad that

Nebraska will be playing at Texas A&M the week after Missouri. Kyle Field is a very tough place to play, and to this point A&M has only lost one game and that to Texas Tech in the closing seconds of the game. We finish the season at home against an always dangerous Colorado team, certainly a game which cannot be taken lightly.

Bottom line - beat Mizzou and we don't have to worry about it as much. Don't beat Mizzou, and we're most likely out of it. The skeptical part of me says if we can't beat Missouri at home that we don't deserve to get to the Big 12 championship game. Bad attitude, yes, but with a three game losing streak, what would you expect?

Is it a must win for Bill Callahan? No, but I agree with Husker Mike that he'll have lost all the good feelings he generated at the end of 2005.

Funny how much of this week has been spent complaining, but very little talking about the Missouri Tigers and their football team. Why is that?

Because bitching and complaining requires no effort whatsoever. You can darn near do it in your sleep!