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Osborne Returns to UNL!

Tom Osborne - that's Dr. Tom Osborne, former head Nebraska football coach, living legend, and to many - living Saint - is heading back to campus as a teacher. Osborne will be teaching in the College of Business Administration. Osborne is out of a job since losing (gasp!) last May in the primary for Nebraska's governor seat.

No doubt some will take this as a sign that TO is one step closer to taking over the AD job from Steve Pederson. Please. I'm sure that Osborne would serve as a wonderful ambassador for the University of Nebraska, but having him come back into the athletic department would be a disaster.

Corn Nation is just starting to heal a little over the whole Pederson/Solich/Callahan/ issue, of which Osborne played a part. Most fans I talk to are past the denial/anger phase, and have moved on to acceptance. If Osborne were to come into the Athletic Department, people would get the idea that the "old days" would automagically return and we'd spend another five years getting everyone to the acceptance phase.

Can we not just accept that Osborne had an incredible coaching career, be thankful that he was at Nebraska when he did it?