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Time to Play the Rich Kids from Omaha

Growing up in Western Nebraska it's difficult to relate to people from Omaha. They believe they're the center of the state - everyone from Omaha believes that everyone else in the state is from Omaha or Lincoln or not worth talking to. It's not difficult to understand why most out-staters look at Creighton as the "rich kids from Omaha". I went to Creighton on a field trip once, I think for a photography class. I half-expected to see a bunch of people sitting around drinking fru-fru drinks with their pinkies sticking out - ala "The Great Gatzby". There weren't any.

Tonight, the Huskers play 20th-ranked Creighton.  Nebraska barely has enough players to substitute properly due to injuries and Creighton is, well, they're ranked 20th. Maybe Aleks Maric can keep the game from being a butt-kicking, but given that he's recently had surgery, he probably won't be playing more than 30 minutes. I read a couple days ago that the student manager had suited up so they had more people for substitutions.  

Still, it's a chance for many to see what kind of team Doc Sadler hopes to put together. If I get the chance tonight, I'll be watching it. It's on NETV - and I am in Nebraska.