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Alabama Suing Sports Artist For Paintings of Alabama Football

From the NY Times, Alabama is suing an artist who has been doing paintings of Alabama football for more than 25 years.

Mr. Moore's paintings, reproduced in prints and on merchandise, violated the university's trademark rights, the suit said. It asked a federal judge to forbid him to, among other things, use the university's "famous crimson and white color scheme."

Is this a sign that collegiate sports is becoming so money-hungry that they need to be doing this so that they have more money to spend on football?

Is it a sign that there are too many lawyers?

Or is it a sign that Alabama has more idiots than we already suspected?

I can't think of a big-name program in recent memory that's screwed itself up more than Alabama (although we're on the brink for several more soon). Think of the implications if this artist loses this case.