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Keys to Victory Over A&M Review

Nothing Easy

We said no turnovers. We had no fumbles and the interception that could have cost us the game turned to nought. Considering the fumbles we'd given up throughout the season, that's an excellent job on the road. It was a huge factor in our win.

Stop the Run

Nebraska's defense did an incredible job of stopping up the Aggies' offense in the first half.

In the second half, suddenly the Aggies were a big strike offense. The biggest play in the second half was the Aggies' 57 yard touchdown run by McGee. It was called against a safety blitz by Nebraska. Wrong defensive call versus right offensive call and the result is a huge play by Texas A&M. Texas A&M set up the big running plays by throwing early in the game. It forced Nebraska to make tactical choices between moving the safeties up to stop the run versus keeping them in pass support.  

Pound the Rock?

We won this game on the road with a healthy combination of run and pass. 38 rushing play, 36 passing. Let's take away the game-winning drive in which we were forced to throw the ball, and we're probably around a 55/45 or 60/40 run/pass ratio.

I'd go so far as to say that Saturday was an example of what we're getting out of Bill Callahan's offense. Diversity - the ability to run, throw, score quickly if we must. Can anyone complain about that?

Bottom Line

It was great to see Cody Glenn and Kenny Wilson back in the game. Glenn's tough running near the goal line was key to Nebraska's lead in the first half. Wilson's carries in the game were a sign that he's still part of this football team.

It was a great win for Nebraska. We can take a while to savor it before talking about upcoming Colorado.