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Questions and Answers with Texas A&M Blogger

We contacted Mr Levy at the Texas A&M & Baseball in No Particular Order blog about some questions we had for an Aggie. He was pretty busy this week, so we kept the questions at a minimum. He has a Nebraska preview up as well.

---What do A&M supporters think of Athletic Director Bill Byrne?

-Most fans who legitimately stay in tune with our athletics seem to like him.   He improved all of our secondary sports, raising them to the top tier nationally.  The casual fans seem to dislike him because all they see is that ticket prices have gone up.
(He informed us they still refer to Byrne as $$$Bill, same as we did at Nebraska.)

---Jorvorskie Lane and McGee seem to get the most attention - aside from them who's your favorite offensive player and why?

This is a tricky one.  I'm a big Howard Morrow fan but he doesn't get the ball very often yet as we have more experienced WRs ahead of him and Fran tends to go to his older WRs for whatever reason.  Morrow sees the field a lot because of his downfield blocking which is big for our running game.  My favorite overall player is our punter, Justin Brantly, but he isn't really an "offensive player".  I guess I'd have to point to Martellus Bennett....our TE.  He's a fan favorite because he just talks and talks and talks....well, that and he's a beast on the field -- both receiving and blocking.

---Any predictions for the game you'd like to share?

I've got A&M in a nailbiter.....but only because it's at our place.  The Huskers have struggled a bit on the road this year.

BTW, if you're wondering about A&'M's traditions, you can find more about them here.