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Frank Solich Getting A Lot Out of Ohio And Frustration At Nebraska

Frank Solich has Ohio in a position to win a MAC title. But wait, what's this he says about coaching at Ohio?

Not many college football coaches can match the track record of Frank Solich in having won national championships and coached Heisman Trophy winners.
Yet Solich said he's getting as much satisfaction leading Ohio University out of the wilderness as winning big at Nebraska under Tom Osborne and coaching the Cornhuskers himself..

So, what's he supposed to say? That he longs for his days at Nebraska? You get a lot of people in life who can tell you when the "best time of their life was", and being middle-aged, it's typically in their past. That's always bothered me. We all suffer some bumps along the way, but otherwise the best time of your life should be right here, right now. Regardless of whether or not you think Frank still belongs at Nebraska, the guy has the right attitude about coaching.

Nebraska players can't explain Oklahoma State loss.

"I don't even think it was them on defense," NU sophomore wide receiver Nate Swift said. "I think we just beat ourselves in that game. Receivers weren't getting open. (Senior quarterback) Zac (Taylor) didn't have enough time. It was a culmination of everyone just not doing the right thing."

I understand the frustration. I remember a game like this when I was a Senior. We traveled quite a ways and everything we did in the game turned out wrong. There was no way we should have lost, yet we did. We ran a play called "Medicine Valley Raider Reverse" and our back gained about 40 yards. As he was coming around to my side, I looked back and saw a guy coming to cut him off. I turned back and blasted him as he was watching the back, not me. Another one of his teammates was watching our back, and ran into him, and then another. I whacked three guys with a single block. Heard the announcer scream "What a block!" The result of the play was that I was called for clipping, when it wasn't even close, hit the guy scare in the front. I walked back to the huddle and was so angry I burst into tears, screaming at my teammates. Our coach told us to forget the game and move on. That's one thing that football is supposed to teach us, right?

A very good preview of the Nebraska Mizzou game from the Missouri perspective.

When taking a look at Mizzou's pair of losses this season (25-19 at Texas A&M and 26-10 at home to Oklahoma), the biggest thing that stands out is turnovers.

And there you have it. Win turnovers against Mizzou, beat them. Very simple, right? Did you know this is the 100th meeting between Nebraska and Missouri? Neither did I. In fact, if it wasn't for EA Sports NCAA 2005 football, I wouldn't have even know that we played for the Nebraska/Missouri bell - a rivalry item like Paul Bunyan's Axe in the Big Ten. Maybe it's because we won the darned thing so many years in a row everyone forgot about it.

The Statesman is convinced that Colt McCoy should be included in Heisman conversations. It's by Kirk Bohls. No, not that Bohls. That was Craig Bohl. He coaches Div IAA North Dakota State, the team that nearly beat the Minnesota Gophers a couple weeks ago.

And why shouldn't it be a Texas quarterback for the second straight year? McCoy deserves it. Maybe this time, no one outside of Brad McCoy, Colt's dad, will chastise me for picking a Longhorn second on my ballot.

No, they may not chastise you, but I don't doubt that you've just damned McCoy for the rest of the season.

Want a good Big 12 basketball preview? Good, because you won't find one here. You will find find one here, thanks to BON for pointing it out, Ken Pomeroy for writing it. You need to read it if you're interested in Husker Hoops, because it contains some insight about Doc Sadler I haven't seen anywhere else.

Husker Extra is starting a Quest for the Qwest about the run to the volleyball national title. This will be from a national perspective, not just Nebraska, so it looks like they'll be reviewing the best teams from around the nation.