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John L Smith Gone at Michigan State

ESPN reports that John L. Smith is gone from Michigan State at the end of the year.

"Coach Smith deserves to coach the rest of this season because he will coach with his heart, just like he always has," Joel Ferguson, Vice Chairperson of Michigan State's Board of Trustees, told ESPN's Joe Schad. "We have respect for him and we hope he takes us to a bowl game. What we need here is more players. What we need is better recruits. We don't make excuses. What we need is more depth and more players."

He literally means that bit about being taken to a bowl game. John's buddy Joel is a member of the board of trustees - if Michigan State makes a bowl game, MSU literally takes this guy and his family, his dog, his mistress (if he has one) and their cousins all to wherever the bowl game might be, probably a warm vacation-like place.

Coaching at Michigan State strikes me much like going out with a psychotic woman, except that you don't find out she's psychotic until too late into the relationship. At least Smith is getting a buy-out. That's more than *you* got, right??? Ha Ha!

I don't think John L Smith was crazy when he went there, the place made him crazy. Being fired could be the best thing that ever happens to him, just like leaving there was good to that bastard Nick Saban, whose team is a loser this year (just thought I'd point that out).

Okay, Who's Next?