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Iowa State Post Game Notes

Tailgating was great fun. Saw some old college buddies that I hadn't seen in a few years, had a few cold ones, took plenty of pictures of weird-looking ISU fans, and some that just looked wrong. I'll post these later.

Iowa State did a lot of pre-game stuff to get the crowd going. They did the siren, too, to remind Iowa State fans that they needed to get into the stadium for the game. Their entrance include bursting out fof the Mothra larvae.  Rather looks like it's puking out ISU players, doesn't it?

The Husker fans around me kept wondering where Marlon Lucky was. I was surprised that we didn't see him nor Kenny Wilson throughout the entire game.

What's with the lack of holding calls on the interior offensive lines this year? I noticed that whenever a defensive end would use an arm-under move, the offensive lineman would lock their arm down and use that as a lever as they held it againt the defensive player's body.

It was gut-wrenching to see Greg Austin down on the field. He was down for quite a while, then had to be carried/assisted from the field. Given his problems with his knees, I'd doubt he'll be back unless it was minor. It certainly did not look that way.

Due to the wonders of cell phones, we knew that the officials had blown the ISU touchdown pass call. Too bad for ISU that McCarney had challenged the earlier pass play.

A lot of people left at halftime and did not return. Our seats were in the 17th row, West Side, about the goal line. Our area was packed at the start of the game, but in the second half there was plenty of room to stretch out.

The second half was possibly the most boring half of football that I can recall in quite a while. We certainly took the "pound the rock" idea to heart. Nice to see us score towards the end to put the game away.

Texas A&M 5-1, Mizzou 6-0, Oklahoma at 3-2 are the biggest shocks in the Big 12 so far.
People keep saying that Colorado isn't that bad, but they're 0-6, they can't find the end zone.