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Iowa State game Day Thread

My son's eighth grade football team finished undefeated this morning, beating another team 26-8. First touchdown they've given up in three weeks.

Iowa State's Linebacker Carper is lost for the season further hurting an already bad defense.  

HuskerExtra, Husker Extra game notes, offensive line coach Dennis Wagner:

Nebraska is playing about 10 or 11 offensive linemen in most games, Wagner said, noting improved depth. Among the top 10 offensive linemen are four sophomores, four juniors and a freshman. ... The Huskers have allowed only five sacks in 135 pass attempts. "We're very proud of that," Wagner said.

Please feel free to leave any comments about the game here. Since I'll be there, it'll be hard to see replays, etc, so I certainly welcome any comments that you have.

If am off to AMES!