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Nebraska - Iowa State - Keys To Victory!

I'm pretty sure that these are close to the Keys Of Victory that Bill Callahan has come up with to defeat Iowa State:

Hit Brett Meyer

Kevin Cosgrove has stated that he'll use much more of an attacking defense against Iowa State instead of sitting back in a soft zone and waiting for Cyclones quarterback Brett Meyers to get comfortable. Not bad news, considering Nebraska's weak secondary.

This is the most important key of this game. We need to get to the quarterback, get pressure, get hits, and get sacks. Regardless of how low their production has been this year, or how much they've struggled, Nebraska cannot afford to let Iowa State get their offense on track, or allow Brett Meyer to get hot.

The Brett Meyer-Todd Blythe explosion is going to happen at some point this season. Not this game, Blackshirts.

We need more of this against ISU

Pound the Rock - Deceptively Speaking

It'll be very interesting to see how we handle this game offensively. Iowa State's defense is struggling. They are struggling much more in pass defense, but do we want to start with the running game and get that going before moving to the pass? As much as I'd like to see us light it up against a porous secondary, those plays should be there anyway. Don't be alarmed if Callahan starts this game trying to establish the run.

If we can establish the run, they'll have to do something about moving up someone in run support, and when they do, Terrence Nunn and Franz Hardy can be all over the field like they were against Kansas.

Be Special

One of the areas in which Iowa State excels is in their return game. Nothing will get a crowd or a team back into a game when they should be beaten than a special teams play - a punt or kick off return for a touchdown. Nebraska needs to keep Iowa State from getting anything special on special teams. Good kick and punt coverage, and if we get them down, we keep them down.

Special teams work both ways. It's time for a us to be special. We need a big play on a punt return, so let's go get one.


Nebraska stays balanced, moves the ball against the Cyclones and scores points. Iowa State is going to score too, but key turnovers keep them from getting into the end zone.

Nebraska 38, Iowa State 24