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Big 12 Week 6 Predictions

Week Six Big 12 Preview

Mizzou at Texas Tech

This is a huge game for the Big 12. Mizzou has shown themselves to be a tough contender in the Big 12 North race, possibly ahead of Nebraska, although their schedule is tougher. The big question here is who is better, Tech's offense or Mizzou's pass defense? Mizzou has played defense pretty well, but this is the first very good offense they'll face. I like Chase Daniels, Mizzou's quarterback, but Tech has too much offense and they're at home.

Another funny thing - Mizzou has been so mediocre after the past few years that this year they're doing well, undefeated to this point, and everyone thinks they're comparable to Wake Forest - which is - better at basketball.

I still see Tech playing a huge part in who wins the Big 12 South, finishing ahead of Oklahoma and fighting with Texas to win it.

Texas Tech 34, Mizzou 31

Texas A&M at Kansas

As Kansas at Nebraska proved last week, this isn't your father's crappy roll-over-and-play-dead Kansas team. Kansas is at home and they have Jon Cornish, who has put up some good numbers throughout the season. Kansas's offensive line is good. and their defense is good enough.  

Texas A&M really needed that win over Tech last week if their season was going to amount to much. Does Texas A&M fold, freeing A&M's athletic department of $2M/year in overhead?  I don't think it matters. They haven't got the heart nor the horses against Kansas at home.

Someone should really do a study whether or not Mangino's gravitational field is causing problems for other teams when throwing the football. There may be a grant in it, eh?

Kansas 28, Texas A&M 21

Oklahoma State at Kansas State

Ron Prince has chosen true freshman Josh Freeman as his starter, and in doing so, tipped his hand that he's playing for the future. Oklahoma State is simply further down the road with their coaching staff and their team. I don't think there is a whole lot more to this one, although you know we'll be talking up Kansas State next week when Nebraska heads to Manhattan.

Oklahoma State 23, Kansas State 20

Baylor at Colorado

A very interesting game. Baylor's win last week over Kansas State was their first back-to-back conference win since the Big 12 was formed in 1996. The question becomes - can Baylor be good enough to win three in a row? Can Colorado be bad enough to go 0-6? If Colorado is going to start winning this is the game.

Colorado's offense can't seem to get in the end zone, and that'll be the difference in this game.

Baylor 24, Colorado 14

Texas versus Oklahoma in Dallas

Before the season began, this game looked like two good rushing offenses against two great defenses. Now that we're well underway, Oklahoma's defense hasn't lived up to the hype. Not that they're bad, I just don't see them being good enough to stop Texas. Texas has great lines, they have really good backs, good receivers, and a young quarterback (no pun intended). They will run the ball. And then they'll run the ball, probably without a lot of keepers.

The biggest question about Texas? You remember Chris Simms? Incredible talent, but even when he had a spleen, he was awful in big games. What will Colt McCoy do in a big game - Applewhite or Simms?

For Oklahoma to win this game, Adrian Peterson has to get it going, and I mean really going. He's going to have to run against eight in the box. If Oklahoma can get the running game going, they may light up the Texas secondary with play-action because they do have the receivers. All that said, Oklahoma is hurting inside. No, not interior line, inside - mentally - in their guts. There is something troubling this team, and I can't quite figure it out. Maybe it's the burritos I had earlier.

Texas 27, Oklahoma 20