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How do you define success?

Last week Nebraska lost a game we were expected to win. We lost it while playing poorly, and we gave up 41 points.

This week, Husker fans are all over the message boards, posting comments, wanting Bill Callahan fired, Cosgrove fired, and on and on.

So.... let me ask you, dear reader (or Mom, as I like to call you), what is your definition of success for Nebraska football?

Where does Nebraska have to be year after year in order for us to declare a coach successful?  I don't want to hear comparisons to Osborne, Solich, Devaney, or about what Steve Pederson did or didn't do. I want to know - what defines success at Nebraska for any football coach, not just Bill Callahan.  

p.s. This post was inspired by the large number of Google's I see coming in with the phrase "Fire Bill Callahan", or "Bill Callahan sucks", or "Steve Pederson is a donkey's butt". If you got here by doing that, I'd like to hear your opinion.