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Morning Coffee - Rankings And Stuff

We're not in the rankings anymore. Any of them. We are under consideration, but we're not there.

Missouri's loss to Oklahoma dropped them from the AP Top 25, but they're still at #25 in the USA Today Coaches Poll. Good for them. I hope we replace them next week.

The Oklahoma-Missouri game proved that Bob Stoops is a fool. He ran Adrian Peterson to the point of injury, and then they bring in another running back Allen Patrick who gains 162 yards to knock off Mizzou. If Patrick was there all along - why run Peterson so much, especially in game where Iowa State's below average offense was no threat to the Sooners?

I was surprised when Texas came back to beat Texas Tech, but given the play of Colt McCoy, it isn't all that shocking, is it? I had predicted that Tech would win the Big 12 South, finishing ahead of Texas, and that Tech would beat Texas in Lubbock. Gee, I'm wrong again, but who could have seen how well a Freshman quarterback is playing at Texas? The words "Colt McCoy Texas freshman quarterback" should terrify everyone in the Big 12.

Things can't be that bad - Fire Bill is at the same price it was when the season began - $250.

Remember the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party?  It died this last weekend. Instead, it turned into a Peace Corps event:

"Well," added O'Malley, "three of us went out and took homeless guys to the shelter. One of my sorority sisters stayed back at the hotel and designed a T-shirt. It says 'World's Largest Outdoor Service Project.' It was way cool!"

Anyone else watch Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis on 60 Minutes? It was a good bit on him. I didn't know he'd been in the Merchant Marines when he was younger, though. Holy Cow! I hope he hits the f!@$% confessional once in a #)#@@#!!@ while.

Burnt Orange Nation makes the case for why Colt McCoy should be first-time all Big 12 quarterback over Zac Taylor.

Steve Sipple has a piece regarding whether the Cornhuskers are "back".  It includes this gem.

To be sure, Nebraska has issues. And, of course, issues become magnified in defeat.

We need to remember that - "issues become magnified in defeat". Nice line.

The ESPN Game Day Crew will be in College Station for the Sooner - Aggies game this weekend. I'm guessing that last week they were planning on Lincoln, Nebraska until both teams meeting there layed an egg Saturday.