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Oklahoma State - The Morning After

Admit it - yesterday's game against Oklahoma State showed the one thing you feared the most about Bill Callahan's Cornhusker team.

Inconsistency. Last season, the Huskers looked like contenders against Iowa State and then experience meltdowns against Missouri and Kansas. So far this season we've crushed the bad teams, beat the mediocre ones, played tough against Texas, and then fell flat on our faces against Oklahoma State. Unfortunately, this will bring the FUD-mongering extremists from their sleep, declaring Bill Callahan a moron and Steve Pederson a death-row candidate. If we lose to Mizzou next week, gobs of them will start getting together the tar and feathers. Who wants to see that?

Basic Game Recap

Nebraska's Brandon Jackson runs left, right, up the middle, crushing the Cowboys defense on consecutive possessions. For some reason known only to themselves, the Nebraska coaches then put him on the sidelines. Callahan had nearly swooned over being able to "pound the rock" and win Big 12 road games, yet we go into Stillwater and start throwing the ball in the second half.

The series after Reid took off on his 56 yard run, then threw a 24 yard touchdown pass, our selection was pass, a -5 yard Marlon Lucky run up the middle, pass (sack). We then punt to the 50, and Oklahoma State scores on consecutive possessions. Pow, they're right back in the ball game.

We knew before the game that Oklahoma State was good at rushing and sacking quarterbacks, yet we insisted on trying to throw the ball  when it wasn't required.  Even when it was clear Taylor was struggling, receivers were dropping balls, we still threw the ball.

I dont' get it. I really don't. We didn't want to get into a shoot-out with Oklahoma State, and yet we did. We took a hot player and let him cool off on the sidelines while the other team got back into the game. That isn't how you win the Big 12 North, our stated goal for the season.


We are making progress, but it's easy to see yesterday's game as a huge setback for the program because we've now lost two in a row. Make it three and Hell truly will break loose.

Reason will end. That's not a good thing, sports or not. Take it easy. Keep the faith.