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Poopy Butt

I expected close, not a loss. Not a loss like this.

Are we back? Clearly not. Texas is going to lose to Texas Tech tonight, just like USC lost to Oregon State.

Hey, if you're feeling bad, go visit fellow blogger Oregon State Beavers guy for joy.

Go Visit USC Blogger Conquest Chronicles for what it's like to lose. It sucks.

It's my 17th wedding anniversary today. My wife is wonderfully happy because she has me for a husband. Ha!!!!!!

She's a Nebraska alum too. Beautiful woman that I have for a wife - I am a guy who got two in one - a wonderful wife, great mother of my children and a woman who looks good enough in her 40's to be considered a "trophy wife". Hey, a loss isn't so bad, is it?

Hell yes it is. It sucks.