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Choices Choices - French Quarter or Blog Writing?

Okay. Here's your choices:

Get to a hotel that has Internet that works, write an article on Nebraska's offense against Oklahoma State's defense - which is where the game will be won or lost.

We've done well running the ball on the road in our two Big 12 road wins against KSU and Iowa State. We shouldn't have a problem running the ball against Oklahoma State - I really don't think we want to get into a shoot-out with them because it may turn into one of those games where whoever has the ball last wins the game.

We didn't run the ball well against Texas - which means that our offensive line has to get better. Oklahoma State has plenty of experience on their defensive line, you'd think it's where their strength would be. Yet, their rushing defense is ninth in the Big 12, 75th overall - not real good.

Our defense isn't that much better statistically here, but the key is scoring defense. The Blackshirts are tied for first in the Big 12 in scoring defense, 15th in the nation. Not bad, given all the yards they give up.

Oklahoma State? Ninth in the Big 12, 62nd nationally. Not real good, which means we should score.

So, as long as we keep the ball away from them, we win, right?

Get down to the French Quarter, where a friend works at Emeril Lagasse's NOLA, try to find him, maybe get a good meal down there. Find a present for my daughter and youngest son.

Try to do both. Tomorrow is a massive day. I have to cut off porn sites and for about, oh... 40,000 people. Not as easy as it sounds, which means hitting the ground running early in the day, then making a flight to Atlanta, then back to Minneapolis.

Hmmmm.... what to do. What To DO!?