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Nebraska Sweeps Mizzou

Well, not having Internet connectivity doesn't stop Fox Sports, so I did get to see the Nebraska-Mizzou match on FSN. If there is one blessing about having 500 TV channels available, it's that there is enough bandwidth to see your non-revenue collegiate sports on TV. That doesn't bother me a bit.

We sweep Mizzou. They played well enough in the first and second games, but the third was a butt-kicking.

Game 1 - Nebraska looks flat to start although beating Missouri in the first game, 30-27.  
Game 2 - Pavan starts with a kill - a smash, but the Wilson Sisters bring the Tigers back into the game. Nebraska wins 30-23, the game point coming on a service error by Mizzou. Perhaps the Coliseum crowd clapping had something to do with that?
Game 3 - hammer, hammer, hammer, dink.
Okay, the score got to 10-3, on a long Nicole Wilson service error and I heard New Orleans boiled shrimp and a beer calling me.

Stream of Consciousness While the Games were going
Sarah Pavan needs to do a better job of serving. Lots of service aces -20  on the year, but too many errors.

Rachel Holloway looks like she could beat the hell out of half the men on the planet. Big shoulders.

Mike Singletary loaned his eyes to Mizzou Senior Jessica Vander Kooi.  Talk about intensity.

Pavan smash, kill from the back row. She is just incredible to watch. At 16, she was the youngest player ever on the Canadian national team. 6'5" - smart, too. Perfect 4.0 in biochemistry. Scary good, eh?

Nebraska has so much offense, yet we're going to have to be better to make it to the Championship game this year. We must eliminate the service errors -- it's not enough that we have Pavan, Larson, and Cooper to kill the ball. The announcers may go on about how many sweeps we have, and how well we dominate our conference, but that has nothing to do with volleyball on a national level.

How many teams in the top 10 are from the Pac-10? Four. Those are the teams, along with Penn State, Florida, that we have to beat to get to Omaha.

Penn State and Nebraska are the only two undefeated teams left. Maybe that says something about their level of competition? I don't think so - this isn't football, where all the big teams mostly avoid each other and only play one big game a year, so the teams have a chance to lose early on. It may say something about the level of competition at the conferences though. Or maybe PSU and Nebraska *are* that dominant.

BTW - Omaha Volleyball Championship - sold out in four hours. That's how much Nebraskans love their volleyball.