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Morning Coffee - Oklahoma State

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USA Today has a pretty decent preview  on the Okie State-Nebraska game.

As encouraging as the toe-to-toe loss was, it still figures as a loss in the standings and creates a precarious situation for the Huskers as they bid for their first berth in the Big 12 championship game since 1999.

"The good thing is we're in control," said Nebraska linebacker Stewart Bradley. "We control our future."

But Nebraska has not reached a point yet where it can take such issues for granted. The fact it couldn't hang on in the final minute to beat Texas should serve as a warning the Huskers have not yet arrived.

I don't disagree with this statement. Perhaps the meaning of "arrived" could be better defined for all of us, though. The article does refer to a Bernard Jackson, whom I believe plays for the Buffaloes. We have a Brandon Jackson at Nebraska.

 Brandon Jackson has separated himself from the rest of the running backs?
Hmmmm.... maybe he has. However, maybe it's not that important. I wonder if it's more important for the fans and the media to have a clear-cut number one at running back. I don't see much discontent amongst these guys. Think back, not real hard - to a guy named DeAngelo Evans....  is that a possibility if someone isn't named number one? Or a better possibility if someone is named number one?
The Husker Extra article also includes this bit:

TIMEOUT: Callahan gave a general response of "we can always be better" when asked about Nebraska's use of timeouts in the final minute of the Texas game. With three timeouts remaining, coaches waited until after a second-and-goal play to use their first timeout, then used their second timeout after the clock had already stopped on an incompletion. "I think we can always go back to that game," Callahan said. "We can coach it better, we can play it better. We can do a lot of things better. It's in the past."

So....  does that mean that he should have taken the timeouts? No, it means it's in the past.

Big Red Network already has their game day page for Oklahoma State available.

Husker Blogger Double Extra Point has posted an Oklahoma State Preview.
He includes this gem:

I Can't Believe I Looked It Up Either: Since 1990, Nebraska is 7-2 following a home loss. During that same time period they are 5-0 following a loss to Texas.

The OSU Offense may set school records this season, but have yet to face Nebraska and Texas defenses. This is a good article wtih a lot of information about Oklahoma State's offense.

Out of Tuesday's Press Conference, came this beauty from Maurice Purify:

On seeing snow for the first time
"I never saw it fall from the sky before.  I just thought it rose up from the ground."

That's beyond funny. That's diversity. Isn't that what college is supposed to be about - bringing all walks of life together?

Don't forget that your #1 Huskers volleyball team plays the #16-ranked Mizzou Tigers tonight. The game will be on Fox Sports Midwest, Southwest, Rocky Mountain - maybe some others as well. Game time is 7:30pm.