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Trying Hard to Make it Go Away

Husker Mike didn't like that third down call to Nunn. I've gone back and forth, arguing with my multiple personalities so many times I'm just ready to give it up and let it go. I still think it was a good call, it just didn't end well.

Then I read about that Terry Bowden thinks it's the wrong call and suddenly I'm really irritated. Maybe it was. No, wait, it's just that Terry Bowden thinks it's the wrong call. No, wait, it's just that it's Terry Bowden.

Oh, wait. What's really irritating me is this. It was the right play call. We got the first down. We don't fumble, the game is over. I don't start weeping uncontrollably, my wife doesn't have to explain my behavior to my children (again). As fans, we scream at the coaches when they lose games for being conservative, playing prevent offense or defense. In fact, the whole bloody college football nation has been all over Callahan for being too conservative at USC. Now we get Terry Bowden saying it isn't the right play call? Bahhhhhhhh!

Texas's Mack Brown thinks Nebraska will make the Big 12 title game. He's so sweet to Husker fans, isn't he? Or maybe he's just a karma-eatin' SOB! Texas had, what, five fumbles in that game? Lost one? None. Less than we did, who cares how many it was. You don't think Mack's pre-game sweetness about Nebraska fans gave them karma? Argggh!

Daily Nebraskan does that whole "Buy, Sell, Trade" bit on the Huskers football team. They have bought into Bill's game plan, and feel that Texas got outcoached Saturday. I'm not completely sure about that.
Maybe it's me, but it seems that if you're going to sell the Huskers running game, you should do it looking ahead, not behind. Clearly none of these guys are in finance, economics or common sense.

 When other schools are trying to curb binge drinking, the Daily Nebraskan thinks we need to have a better tailgating tradition at Nebraska. Oh, wait. They're not talking about a massive amount of drinking. They're talking about having pre-game activities for the students. What a darned good idea.

Like the op-ed piece states:

It is perplexing that a school as fanatical about football as Nebraska doesn't have some type of big blowout on campus before a game.

Amen to that. For being enormously fanatic about football, pre-game campus life at Nebraska consisted of beer breakfasts that were typically off-campus and only on Saturday ('80-'87). There wasn't a whole lot of pre-game stuff organized. Or, just maybe I was an outcast, an introvert. Quiet, calm. kept to myself. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Here's a big shock. Nebraska-Missouri game is to be televised. CNNSI had it listed as one the top ten most important games left, and that was last week.

Hey, the Nebraska Cheerleaders were about to scroll off the front page. We can't have that. While you're looking at them, please take the linked survey. It's for marketing. I know you don't like the marketing people, who does? But if you don't make them happy they start coming up with bizarre ideas, like how to beam friggin' ads into your head while you're standing in front of a urinal. Who wants that?

It's Monday, right? Time to move on with my life. Time for you Husker fans to do th same. Oklahoma State - time to think about them.

I don't understand why so many bars in New Orleans have Heineken. It is truly an awful beer.