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Bill Callahan Keys to Victory!


This game is exactly what Nebraska was built for. (Oh, lookie, I've ended my sentence with a preposition. Let's try again). This game was exactly is exactly what the new Corncoast Nebraska offense was built for, you Husker-loving SOB's!

We have one of the top running games in the nation - which is wild considering where we finished the season last year - what around 107th in rushing? There are so many stories out there about us running the ball, and we all know the hangover left from the USC game. Texas has one of the best interior defensive lines in the nation. Does anybody seriously think we're going to "pound the rock" the full game against Texas like we did against USC?

This is why we changed offenses, brought in Bill Callahan and his 950-page Corncoast offense. Diversity. Run, pass, keep the defense off-balance and guessing. Remember this line?

"We're going to do what we do," he (Callahan) said. "We're going to attack as aggressively as possible. We don't take what defenses give us. We take what we want.

It's time to do that this Saturday.

Stop the Run

Simple as that - this IS the key to the game. If our front seven can slow down the Texas running game, we'll be fine. There you go, easy as pie, right? Texas has loads of talent on both lines, a lot of talent in their backfield and in their receiving corps. The Blackshirts are back? I'm not sold on that.

This will be a full four quarter game. Stamina, depth will be important. Forget all this constant talk about scheme, game plan, yada yada, late in this game control of the line will be determined by who has more fire, and spent more time in the weight room.

Colt McCoy has been improving weekly. Last week, six TD passes against Baylor, tying a Texas school record. Before you say "Oh, that's against Baylor", keep in mind that loads of other Texas quarterbacks got their shot against inferior competition too. A good running game will put McCoy at ease in the passing game, we'll be forced to blitz from the secondary, and things will go to Hell in a hurry.

We're Still Special

Yeah, special like Husker punter Dan Titchener. Who gets more special for Nebraska than this guy? Who's the master of field position? That Dan guy, OUR Dan guy. Cold, probably windy, probably wet - what's that say about the importance of punting?

We have Dan on our side. That's the master of field position Dan. There ought to be a T-Shirt or something. Maybe a catchy phrase. Maybe a nick name!

Texas doesn't want to kick field goals. They're not good at kicking field goals, even in good weather when it's warm. It will not be warm nor nice in Lincoln tomorrow. Nebraska - we can kick field goals. Remember how windy it was last year in the KSU game when Congdon won the game? That's the kind of field goal kicking we have.


Texas isn't as good as they think they are, and we're not as bad as the nation thinks we are. It's in Lincoln. I'm not picking Nebraska because I'm a homer. I'm picking us because I believe we can win this game at home, with this offense, with this defense and especially with these special teams.

Nebraska 27, Texas 24