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Fire Bill Callahan

No, I'm not for firing Bill Callahan. I do think it's interesting that no one has thought enough about firing Bill that they've been willing to pay the $250 for the domain name that these guys want to charge for it.

So, it can't be that big an issue yet, and it shouldn't be. We're 4-1, and while the Kansas game was rather ugly, I find it interesting that some people would rather have Callahan fail than Nebraska to continue to win.

Due to Tom Osborne's success, I have to wonder if Nebraskans have realistic expectations about our football program. Do you really think that we're going to find anyone who's capable of winning nine-plus games the next 25 years running? How `bout for the next five years? Ten? Three? Maybe we already have the guy?

Expectations Too High? No, About Here...