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ITB Top 10

I participate in the In the Bleachers Top 10 voting. Here's mine:

1. Ohio State - Handled Iowa rather easily. Right now, the only truly dominant team in the nation.

2. Auburn - Real tests are coming up. If they're good enough, they'll still here.

3. West Virginia - Well, doubtful they'll be tested much this week against Miss State.

4. USC - Struggled with Washington State - welcome to a new quarterback on the road.

5. Florida - struggled early with 'Bama. Not overly impressed with them, but they have a tough road ahead, starting with LSU at home.

6. Louisville - sooner or later.....

7. Georgia -  Ugly offense. People worry about this stuff, but go back and look up '92 Alabama. I don't think Georgia has the defense that 'Bama had that year, but winning ugly is still winning. They have Tennessee this week.

8. Michigan - Thought they'd beat Minnesota worse than they did. Their offense didn't score as much as I thought they would. Still, they keep winning.

9. Texas - With Oklahoma up next. Rivalry game, something for both teams to prove who's on top in the Big 12 South.

10. LSU - at Florida this week. We'll see what LSU is made of.