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Nebraska Students - Wear Black Saturday!

From the University of Nebraska College of Journalism & Mass Communication - this exciting news item!

The game is one of the most anticipated in recent memory for Huskers fans, and many are setting out to make it one they won't forget for a long time. UNL students, for example, started an internet-aided, grassroots movement which has evolved into a campus-wide campaign for game day attire.

"It all started with a Facebook group," According to Nebraska Bookstore General Manager Jennifer Purvis. The group is called "Black Out" and states that its purpose "is to spread the word to black out the student section for the Texas game." The idea is to get all students to wear black clothing to support the Nebraska "Blackshirts" defense. "It was a student-led idea," Purvis said. "I believe the initial concept came from (Nebraska linebacker Corey McKeon), and he was having a conversation with some of the students."

Nebraska Book has your "Black-Out" T-shirts -

picture stolen from the College of Journalism & Mass Communication web site

Good thing this is an 11:00 am game, isn't it?