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Morning Coffee

So Many Questions About This Game against Texas

Will Kurt Mann be ready for this game?

What about Greg Austin?

What's the GAME PLAN???!!!?!??!?!?

We'll get to all that throughout the week. Stop freaking, it's only Tuesday.

Husker Mike has a nice piece on the "angst" that some Husker fans are feeling about the offense. It's a good read.

Big Red Network talks about their KSU game day experience.

Texas is getting a little freaked out about giving up 31 points to Baylor.

Anyone else watch that game? I watched quite a bit of it. Baylor started out 10-0, but they certainly didn't execute very well under pressure. When the game is already decided, it's easier to opoerate, and I think the moment that Texas took the lead the game was over.

However, check this bit out:

 When it comes to stopping the passing game, however, the skies above the UT secondary have been surprisingly friendly. Through seven games, the Longhorns have allowed nine TD passes. That's the same number they allowed the entire regular season last year. In the past two weeks, UT has given up 529 yards through the air -- 320 to Baylor.

 They're 77th against the pass. They have young players in the secondary. Sounds inviting, doesn't it?

Here's another one about the UT Secondary. Pretty much the same stuff.

UT Reciever Sweed is facing "in-house" discipline. He punched a Baylor defensive back during a play and was flagged 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Before we get all bent out of shape about it, it wasn't enough to warrant a suspension - Brown just doesn't want him doing that crap against Nebraska.

Do NOT forget that the NU Volleyball team plays at Texas tomorrow night. It is televised at 6:30 PM CST on ESNPU. Last year, Texas gave us our only regular season loss.