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BON's Nebraska Blogpoll Comment

This is taken from the SBNation Texas Blog, Burnt Orange Nation (BON). BON participates in the blogpoll, a group of college football bloggers who vote on the Top 25. Before the Kansas State win, BON didn't rank Nebraska, perhaps because they feel like we haven't beaten anyone worth mentioning. Whatever.

However, this week Nebraska is ranked, along with this comment.

19. Nebraska - The offense hasn't put it together this season, as predicted. Still, the defense is credible. Much, much more on Nebraska all week here at BON.

I don't understand the statement that the offense hasn't put it together. Nebraska's offense is ranked highly across the board, eighth in the nation in total offense, first in pass efficiency, ninth in scoring, 11th and 28th, respectively in rushing and passing. Where haven't we put it together? Perhaps it's the relatively low scoring against KSU (21), and Iowa State (28) that troubles them. Perhaps they feel like we've padded our stats against inferior competition - as if Texas hasn't played chumpsters themselves. I don't get it. Perhaps there will be an explanation later.

Then the statement about the defense. The defense is 86th in pass defense, something that's to be expected after losing two corners, one before the season started, and another in the first game. We're 51st overall, something that I find a little troubling, although we can savor the fact that we're 13th in scoring defense, which means that we're letting people move down the field and then stopping them when it counts.

It IS Texas week - a huge game for Nebraska. It's our second chance this season to take on a Top Ten opponent. We will definitely be talking about the 'Horns quite a bit this week.