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Larry Coker is right - There's nothing negative about brawl

Recently NFL lineman Albert Haynesworth stomped on Dallas player Andre Gurode and received a five game suspension without pay, the longest for on-field behavior in NFL history. College football has a on the field brawl between the University of Miami and Florida International that includes players stomping on other players, a player hitting another player in the head with a helmet - the result is that the two Florida schools and their conferences get together and hand down a measly one-game suspension, calling the incident an embarassment and disgusting.

One game. The only thing that a one game suspension says is that the administrators of both schools and their conferences felt like they had to do something to quiet the public's screaming. It doesn't say much about punishment for either team. For Miami, a one-game suspension means some guys won't play against powerhouse Duke. Florida International hasn't won a game yet this season, so  it's doubtful it'll make much of a difference to them.

"These suspensions send a clear and definitive message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated," ACC Commissioner John Swofford said.

Will not be tolerated, Mr. Swofford? If the powers that be were serious about ending this type of behavior they would toss the players involved off the teams and everyone else would get the idea. Unfortunately for Miami and college football, the school has shown that they don't give a damn about their reputation, nor about the reputation of college football in general. Given Miami's history does anyone find that shocking?

''That's not college football,'' Coker said. ``It's not what we represent at the University of Miami, and it will not be tolerated.''

Yes, if it happens again next week, Larry Coker might feel really put out. Next time you guys might get a real talking to. Maybe someone will waggle a finger at you.

Coker had this to say after the game:

''I think this will affect the image of this program, but in a very positive way,'' Coker said. ``This won't be a negative for the University of Miami.''

Sad fact is, he's right, the "brawl" will be a postive for the University of Miami. The brawl means nothing more than effortless recruiting for the Hurricanes. If you're a thug, lacking in any ethics, morals, or sense of decency and can play football, there is no doubt that the University of Miami is the perfect place for you.

Update: Florida International has since dismissed two players from their team, and indefinitely suspended 16 others. Miami's Reddick - the guy who used his helmet as a weapon has been suspended indefinitely. So, we have insignificant FIU making a statement about their program, what they expect, who they are. And we have Miami making a statement about who they are. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.