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Nebraska - Kansas State Game Day Thread

What's happening early?

Minnesota looks awful, behind Wisconsin 28-3 at the half. The Gophers' D looks like melted butter. The offense looks lost.

I've come to the conclusion that Minnesota's football program is probably at it's best where it is now, under Mason. They'll get to a minor bowl now and then. Maybe they'll knock off a good opponent every year.

Minnesota's best players will always leave this state. There is no college football here. You barely hear talk about any kind of college football on the radio, anywhere, even on fall Saturdays.

It's rare that college games are broadcast in the state with the exception of the Gophers. The Minnesotans for Nebraska chapter puts the Husker games on the radio up here.

I guess if it doesn't bother Minnesotans that their best players are going to Nebraska, i.e. Nate Swift, Lydon Murtha - remember Jay Foreman from Eden Prairie - it doesn't bother me either.

 Early it looked like Oklahoma would march all over Iowa State, scoring on their first couple drives. Now it looks like the Cyclones have settled down, but I'm guessing they'll still get run over.

The Cyclones let the Sooners move right down the field before half - where have we seen that before?

Statistic heard on the broadcast - ISU's pass defense is allowing a 75% completion rate. Ouch!  

 Iowa was all over an awful Indiana team early. But not with their offense. Now it's 21-17 at the half, and Iowa looks, well, discombobulated a bit. They're playing Indiana, for crying out loud.  

 West Virginia 17, Syracuse 14 - West Viriginia's bad game?

 I don't feel comfortable about this KSU game. We should beat them by 10, but they've certainly had our number over the past few years.

Maybe it's the fact that we really don't know much about these Ron Prince-led Wildcasts. Maybe it's because we don't know that much about Josh Freeman.

Maybe it's the fact that we haven't won there in 10 years.

Maybe it's because I don't yet have complete faith in this Bill Callahan-led team.

Maybe it's that Kansas game, and we have another Kansas team.

Maybe it's the fact that KSU's defense isn't a pushover.

Maybe I'm just a pansy, and this happens every fall Saturday .....

Put Zac Taylor in this sequence to the left - what's that do to your heart????