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Stuff for Saturday

In the Bleachers has posted their college football TV schedule for the week.

Joel from Rocky Top Talk has his animated BCS race updated. Pretty cool, give it a look!

 Husker Extra has stories on Chris Patrick and Brett Byford. Time to learn more about your offensive linemen!

The Independent has a bit about Matt Slauson and his new haircut.

The Daily Nebraskan trades information with The Kansas State Collegian about the KSU game.

Nebraska basketball fans get their first look at Doc Sadler.

I'll be honest about basketball - I was in school during the Iba years. I had friends who were on the Daily Nebraskan staff when they had pictures of him doing illegal practices. I was part of the "Moe Must Go" screaming.

Since that time, I've been waiting for us to arrive. I like Danny Nee's scowl and ties. I thought Barry Collier had it together and would get us into the upper eschelon of the Big 12 on a regular basis.

Does anyone think that Doc Sadler stands a chance at doing good things for Nebraska? I'm not sure I can get into the enthusiam for it this time. I'm in more of a "wait and see" mode.

Sad to be that cynical, ain't it?