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Morning Coffee

Huskers take aim at Josh Freeman
So Freeman de-committed to Nebraska and chose to attend KSU. Personally, I don't think it matters to the Husker players a single bit because they've all been through that process, and most can understand how hectic and crazy it is. Kids have all kinds of reasons for doing things.

It was pretty chicken of Freeman's family to send a text message, instead of having the guts to call Callahan and tell him, but again, who cares. Let's hope the Blackshirts treat all quarterbacks with the same disdain - crush them all.

Big Red Network has a question exchange with KSU Blogger Thomas Young.

The Daily Nebraskan talks about the relationship between Ron Prince and QB Josh Freeman.

When there is so much anger in the world, it's great to see SEC fans put aside their mutual hate and have a nice civil conversation.

Heisman talk. Even though the guys at In the Bleachers are involved in the CSTV Heisman Blogpoll vote, I can't help but feel that the Hypesman is one of the most overrated trophies in all sports. Let's face it - it's not about who's the best player in college football, and hasn't been for years. It's about who gets the most coverage. Now, is it a great talking point for college football? Yes.

Put it this way - if Wolfe from Northern Illinois breaks Barry Sanders' records this year and doesn't win the Heisman, we should discontinue recognizing it as a true reward and put it with other awards for the sake of awards, kind of like the MTV Music awards has become - meaningless.

The Sooners aren't getting enough out of their great players.

Last week's loss to Texas highlighted one of Oklahoma's biggest problems through the first five games. Some of the Sooners' best players have underperformed.

The Dallas Morning News hits it just where Oklahoma lives.

#1 Nebraska Volleyball sweeps #15 Missouri at Columbia.

So, we know who's number one in the Big 12, don't we? The Huskers face a tough test when they go to Texas to play the Longhorns next week. Last year, the Texas loss was the only conference loss for the Huskers.

Sarah Pavan - 16 kills, .426 hitting percentage. Jordan Larson - 14 kills, 14 digs for another double-double.