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Week Seven Big 12 Preview

Week Seven Big 12 Preview

Mizzou at Texas A&M - Big 12 Game of the Week

The last time Missouri went 7-0? 1960. I'm not even that old. The question in this game is - is Missouri's defense good enough to stop Texas A&M's running game? They proved last week against Tech that they were capable of slowing down a passing offense, and beating a good team on the road. Missouri's defense is good enough to slow down the Aggies run, at least good enough to allow the Tigers offense to outscore the Aggies. The key to Missouri is that they're good on both sides of the ball, something that most Big 12 teams can't say this year.  

Missouri 28, Texas A&M 24

Baylor at Texas

Well, I guess Baylor won't have to worry about trying to run the ball against Texas's defensive line. Instead, they'll have to worry about running from them. Texas will pound the ball at Baylor, keeping Baylor's offense off the field. Texas pounds the ball some more, and scores. Then they score again. And then again.  

Baylor's defense has done a good job at keeping other teams from scoring bazillions, but they haven't played anyone with near the depth that Texas has. Too much depth, too much power, Baylor wears out in the end.

Texas 46, Baylor 21

Oklahoma State at Kansas   

Last week, the Cowboys were incapable of holding off Kansas State off throughout a whole four quarters. They're a young team, and they get another Kansas team on the road. Their defense is still trying to find themselves, having giving up a ton of yards in Big 12 play. Oklahoma State will see Jon Cornish and a good offensive line. The Cowboy defense will wear out before Cornish does.

The good news for Okie State is that Kansas plays to their level of competition, and they're good for some turnovers. Unfortunately, it won't be enough. Again, in Kansas.

Kansas 31, Oklahoma State 24

Texas Tech at Colorado

Let's see. Texas Tech will score. Colorado will not. That's about it for this one, but that's too short a preview, isn't it? Baylor beat Colorado through the air, and this week the Tech air attack comes to town. Not a good sign for the Buffs. Their offense is not very good, incapable of scoring quickly, or scoring a bunch. Once they get behind, well, it's time to turn to another game.

I keep hearing people say that Colorado is the best 0-6 team in the country, and not as bad as their record. Next week they can say "Colorado is the best 0-7 team in the country....."

Texas Tech 34, Colorado 20

Iowa State at Oklahoma

Last week, Nebraska ran all over Iowa State, foreshadowing this game against the Sooners. Nebraska had two backs, Cody Glenn and Brandon Jackson, go over 100 yards. Figure over 200 yards for Adrian Peterson since he appears to be a one-man team at this point. Oklahoma outmatches Iowa State all over the place but especially when on offense.

The Cyclones offense moved the ball okay against the Huskers, but not when it counted. A meaningless end of game touchdown saved them from losing by three scores. Oklahoma's defense is not playing all that well, but it won't make a difference. The biggest key for the Cyclones is whether or not they'll truly implode this season, or just look mediocre on offense the rest of the way.

Oklahoma 34, Iowa State 17