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College Graduation Rates - Nebraska Very High, Texas Very Low

Among The Associated Press' Top 25 football teams, five schools met or exceeded the national average with Notre Dame leading the way at 95 percent. The others were Nebraska at 88 percent, Florida at 80 percent, TCU at 78 percent and Clemson at 77. The NCAA's figure for Florida nearly doubled the 42 percent rate from the federal report.

Three of the Top 25 schools had graduation rates below 50 percent. They were Texas (40 percent), Georgia (41) and California (44).

What's up with Texas being ranked so low? Maybe they should stop accepting kids that simply aren't going to make it, or do a better job of supporting them academically. Or perhaps we can just accept the fact they're a football factory and get on with life.

Top-ranked Ohio State and Southern California, the 2004 national champion, both came in at 55 percent.