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Morning Coffee

Not ready to play KSU? Maybe you need to remember who they are. A touch of their classlessness should help.

From Bill Callahan at yesterday's weekly news conference:

On senior offensive lineman Greg Austin's health
"Greg, from what I hear, is supposedly fine. He'll be practicing today. That looks very positive and encouraging. It was scary there for a moment on Saturday night, we were hoping for the best. I had a chance to speak with him right after the game and I said to him, `How ya feeling?' and he said, `Coach I'm going to be fine.' So right then and there I saw that as a positive sign that he was going to bounce back. And talking to the trainers it's seemingly so. He should practice today, but if he doesn't we'll just back him down. We'll just see how he is when he comes in today, how he feels."

On the battle that senior offensive lineman Greg Austin has had with health troubles in the past
"It's uncanny. It's a situation where a lot of players wouldn't even be playing. It's encouraging, it's inspiring to watch a guy of his caliber and his makeup go through what he goes through every day and just overcome a deficiency is phenomenal. He's inspiring, as I've mentioned many times, and he's a real model for our younger players as a guy who fights through injury and fights through pain just to play the game. I don't think he's going to be denied these last six conference games of his career."

Is Greg Austin a warrior, or what?  After seeing him down at ISU, I figured he was done. Tough as nails, that guy. He wants to be there when we get our 800th win against KSU.

Kurt Mann is back, apparently:

He materialized Tuesday wearing a hunting jacket and ballcap, looking almost as if nothing had happened.

Also tough as nails. Lineman - toughest players in football, is there any doubt?

The rest of the Nation is going to face Texas (the state, not the University) college football players in a bowl game?

Buddy Ryan and Mike Price have been named as coaches for a new postseason game that aims to find out if Texas college football players are better than guys from all other 49 states combined.

Buddy Ryan coaches the rest of the nation? Who chose that? Maybe it's part of a new starting reality TV series - Buddy Ball - and we get to watch Ryan roll around screaming at people. That'd be new, wouldn't it?

This one is short this morning. It's time to get going on KSU, though.