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Kansas State By the Numbers


Kansas State ranks 80th in rushing, 71st in passing, and 87th in total offense with a 308 yard per game average. KSU has played against some fair competition, including Louisville (16th defense overall), Baylor (59th overall), Oklahoma State (55th overall), Florida Atlantic (108th overall  and just a bad team overall), and Illinois State(Div IAA, so not tracked by Div IA stats, same as Nebraska opponent Nicholls State)

Unfortunately for Nebraska, since starting Freshman Josh Freeman, Kansas State's offense has responded. They averaged 350 yards in the last two games, and against Oklahoma State Freeman engineered drives of 92 and 58 yards in the last quarter of the game to win the game.


Kansas State's defense is 30th in rushing, 38th in passing and 27th in total defense. They are 28th in scoring defense, and 13th in turnovers gained.  The Wildcats have played Florida Atlantic (111th in total offense), Louisville (#1 in total offense, but 10th in passing), Baylor (75th in total offense, but 12th in passing), Oklahoma State (29th overall),  and Illinois State.

Nay-sayers may point out that Louisville was missing Bell and Brohm (starting quarterback) in the game against KSU, but Loiusville continued to put up numbers against other competition missing those players, so it rather negates that arguement.

Special Teams

Kansas State is second nationally in kickoff returns. Senior Yamon Figurs is averaging 24.6 yards per return, while Freshan Leon Patton had a 95-yard kickoff return against Oklahoma State. Junior Justin McKinney has had two returns for a 53.5 yard average and a touchdown. None of these players show up in overall statistics because they don't average enough returns per game to be tracked.

In punt returns, the Wildcats are 36th. Figurs is 25th in the nation with 11.25 yards per return and one touchdown. However, in punting, KSU is 93rd in net punting.

Clearly, KSU can do some damage on special teams if Nebraska is lax in coverage.

Bottom Line

Don't expect that the Wildcats are the pushover we want them to be.