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Morning Coffee

One of the things I heard while at ISU was that Jamie Pollard, ISU Athletic Director, has made a commitment that baseball will return to Ames. If you remember, ISU ended their 100-year old baseball program to give Dan McCarney a raise. What's that got to do with Nebraska? How many kids on Nebraska's team would have attended ISU to play baseball for them?

Some insight into Cyclone fans's frustration can be found in this angry rant at CrossCyed's blog.

Husker Mike has a nice review of the ISU game at his blog. I like his points about field position in the second half.

Big Red Network is doing these game day print-outs that are pretty cool. I printed one out and promptly left it at home. Uff da!

The Nebraska game didn't set an attendance record at Iowa State. UNI, the week before did. BTW, Iowa State asked their fans to wear gold, not red. There were plenty that didn't comply.

Kick-Off Times have been set for Nebraska-KSU and Nebraska-Texas. KSU will start at 6:00 pm and be available pay per view. Texas will be an 11:00 am start-time and be shown on ABC. Too bad we don't have a night game for Texas.

Nebraska's #1 Volleyball team will be on Fox Sports Net Midwest for the Missouri game Wednesday night. Missouri is currently ranked #17. If you're a Husker fan, you need to watch this game, if for nothing else but to see Sarah Pavan smash the ball.

Pavan is the one on the left, high above the net.

From Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer - Someone named their kid "ESPN". Hmmm.... my names got voted down. I wanted "Scott Towels Johnston", or maybe "BunGee Jump Johnston". Even "Hewlett Packard Johnston" didn't make it. What nutcase would name their kid "ESPN"?