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Kenny Bell Made Creighton Fans Mad on Tuesday


Nebraska wide receiver Kenny Bell is a Husker fan of all sports. That didn't sit well with a few Jayskers with split allegiances, and a few got really ugly.

Gregg Doyel Sparks a Twitter War With Husker Fans


CBS Sports columnist Gregg Doyel didn't realize that Pelini's symptoms could also have been a heart issue. After facing the backlash from Husker fans on Twitter, he quickly learned otherwise.

The Twitterverse and the Huskers


Do you use hashtags on Twitter? Do you even care?

Husker Players Banned From Twitter - Shocking? NO!


Husker football players have been banned from using twitter in the coming weeks. I wonder what they'll do without it. Probably go a little stir crazy. Or maybe text more. Or maybe they'll just make...

The Scum of Humanity. People That Bully Kids And How It Affects The Huskers


College athletes on twitter. They just want to be cool like everyone else, so why do some dump on them?

Is It Time for the Black Shirt Tradition To Die?


Bo Pelini handed out the black shirts on Friday night before the Texas Tech game. Should he have handed them out at all? Or should the tradition be left to die?

Cornflakes - Dear Unity Council: Run, Not Walk, Onto the Field!


Wow, I miss jlew doing these darned things. He comes up with way better imagery than I do. When the hell is he coming back????? One thing of note I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else - a message...

Cornflakes: Hate Week is on!


Diary of a Hater: It's OnRot in hell you arrogant, toothless, straw-hat wearing, Ricky Skaggs listening, John Deere driving, Adrian Fiala worshiping, gum chomping, balloon releasing, tunnel walk...

Mobile Commenting, More Twitter Integration Come to SB Nation Sites


We are always working to evolve our platform here at SB Nation and we have two exciting new features to announce this morning: Mobile Commenting and the ability to retweet posts that you find...

Corn Nation Site Upgrade Includes New Fanpost Editor And Twitter Integration


Yesterday we released some new features, all of them designed to help you share what you have to say about your favorite sport and team. Here is more information about the new features: Share on...

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