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Twitter war: Amani Toomer calls Jeremy Shockey a 'bad teammate, worse person'

A Twitter war is breaking out between Jeremy Shockey and former New York Giants teammate Amani Toomer. When rumors were floated that Shockey wanted to return to the Giants, Toomer wrote that...

Gregg Doyel Sparks a Twitter War With Husker Fans

CBS Sports columnist Gregg Doyel didn't realize that Pelini's symptoms could also have been a heart issue. After facing the backlash from Husker fans on Twitter, he quickly learned otherwise.

Osborne & Sipple Take Exception to Barfknecht's Coverage of Coaching Search

While it exploded on Twitter Saturday night, the origins of this debate go back weeks, if not months.

UFC's Dustin Poirier, Chan Sung Jung Spar On Twitter

Two UFC featherweights went at it on Twitter Wednesday, possibly tipping a cap to a future Chan Sung Jung vs. Dustin Poirier battle.

The Paddock Pulse: February 9 Edition

Fresh off of Twitter War 2, the Paddock Pulse returns to canvas the IndyCar blogosphere for more awesome content.

The millionth treatise on social media and sports

The latest IndyCar Twitter war has spurred people to once again examine why people bother with social media in the first place.

Haiku Tuesday: Wine Country Edition

Ease your IndyCar off-weekend blues with another dose of Haiku Tuesday from Pop Off Valve!

Constructive IndyCar Criticism: The NASCAR Way

What would happen if IndyCar drivers were threatened with fines like NASCAR drivers for "disparaging" their sport? Pop Off Valve shows what it might be like.

IndyCar driver conflicts signal new direction in couples therapy

In the wake of the recent IndyCar "driver war" on Twitter, Pop Off Valve discovers that "channeling your inner 13-year-old girl" might be psychologically sound.

Miguel Torres-Kurt Pellegrino Twitter War

Miguel Torres and Kurt Pellegrino exchange twitter insults to fans delight (and free t-shirts)

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