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Don't Feed The Troll: A lesson of people and internets.

In the days following Seattle's 29-3 win over San Fransisco, I have seen many comments covering many posts referring to, or poking fun at a particular poster from Niners Nation. Normally, I...

Internet Troll Ready for Next Round of Playoffs


Internet troll Brian Buzzi feels his personal attacks, homophobic slurs and over-the-line insults are prepped and ready for the next round of the NHL playoffs.

Easily The Stupidest Thing You Will Read Today


What you are about to read is called stirring the pot and Josh Hailey at WRAL Fankind(no link for obvious reasons) basically shovels a bunch of manure onto the page then watches as the kids come...

A Final Word On Goodman


I ran across Jeff Goodman's follow-up to his cheap shot at Ty Lawson. Witness, if you care to, Goodman maintain his absurd attack with an even more absurd justification: Lawson didn't just display...

Lawson Has A Message For Jeff Goodman


And that message is this: What do you think about the people that are saying that you can't play with an injury, and the toe injury is similar to a hang nail? "If anybody says that, I played the...

Shut Up Jeff Goodman


I will not even link it is so stupid but it deserves a rebuttal. Basically Jeff Goodman over at Fox Sports declares that Ty Lawson is lacking courage by not playing on Thursday. He are some of the...

You Feel Better Now Eddy?


Playing the whining, wounded party today are we? Eddy Landreth dropped a scathing column in the Chapel Hill News during which he hit every Roy Williams hot button issue there has been in the past...

About Last Night


Some of you are nuts and understand I mean that affectionately. Before I delve into what happened last night at the game I feel it necessary to address what happened last night on this blog.  THF...

Did You Know UNC Was Running Up The Score on Arkansas?


According to the brillant minds at ESPN. Let me state up front this is against my better judgment to acknowledge these comments but 850 the Buzz has video from ESPN's morning show First Take in...

Laugh Line of the Week


Well, maybe it should not be as much a laugh line as merely a double take. ACC Now quotes former Maryland star John Lucas, who has been helping troubled former BC center Sean Williams with his...

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