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Yet another tape has been released from inside the athletic department that's full of [expletive] expletive's! My inside source in the Nebraska Athletic Department leaked out the taped of Harvey...

Reflecting on Tommie Frazier's Call to Fire Pelini


Sometimes freshmen-dependent teams don't play well. Like give up 38 unanswered points to UCLA. Or get out-yarded by Iowa State back in the days when Iowa State really was awful.

Random Thoughts From Around the Country: Week 3


Referees Gone Wild! ~ Ducks Flex their Wing Muscles ~ Mack Brown Goes Boom ~ Bo Pelini on the Hot Seat ~ Joey Jones! ~ and more

Tommie Frazier - The Misunderstood System QB


Tommie Frazier deserves the College Football Hall of Fame. But he's the most misunderstood, mischaracterized player in college football history.

No Pain No Gain?


How One Husker Fan Is Dealing With The Frustration Of This Season

Taylor Martinez Completion Percentage: His Goal Should Not Be Your Expectation


Taylor Martinez has set a goal of a 70 percent pass completion rate. A look back at the history of Husker quarterbacks shows that's a pretty high mark to hit. Given that history, what is your...

Why The SB Nation Hall Of Fame Is Awesome*


Nebraska's quarterback Tommie Frazier, center Dave Rimington, and legendary coach Tom Osborne are selected into the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame. The three were selected by fan vote with...

SBN Hall Of Fame: A Joke With Which We Should No Longer Bother


I was excited about SB Nation's attempt to create a College Football Hall of Fame when this project started. Given how it's been handled, I have no interest in further participation. Let's instead...

SB Nation Hall of Fame Selections: Five Nominees Needed, Three Done


Please help us determine the final two Nebraska nominees for the inaugural SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame.

SB Nation Hall Of Fame Nomination: Quarterback Tommie Frazier


After the Tommie Frazier snub, SB Nation (of which Corn Nation is part of) has decided to create its own College Football Hall of Fame. Tommie Frazier obviously has to be our first choice, but more...

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