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Tom Dienhart, BTN.com Senior Writer, is a hack

Our good friend Tom posted his "One look back at Big Ten's best BCS era teams" last week. This week, he posted about the best BCS era team from each school in the B1G. Poor Tom was hurt by the...

BTN Live Tweets Husker Practice


Nebraska football practices are closed to the media and the public...so when some gets both the opportunity to watch AND COMMENT on what they see, we should take notice. It may be our only insight...

Norm Chow to be hired as Utah's offensive coordinator?


Norm Chow to be Utah's next offensive coordinator?

Some Maryland Fans Aren't Thrilled By Rich Rodriguez Rumors


Rumors of Rich Rodriguez possibly landing at Maryland should Michigan dismiss him as head football coach isn't popular with Terrapins fans, judging from blog comments.

Tom Dienhart of Rivals.com Ranks Michigan Football No. 41 In His Preseaon College Football Rankings


After sorting through a lot of chaff this pre season, Dienhart's preview of the Wolverines 2010 Football season is probably dead on. He recognizes the strength of both the offensive and defensive lines and realizes that Michigan is going to score a ton of points. He's also paid enough attention to detail to note that Michigan is in deep, deep trouble in the secondary and that unless Michigan's linebacking corps improves it's going to be a long season. Most importantly, Dienhart doesn't spend 90% of his preview talking about Rodriguez job security. Instead, he talks about the people and players that will actually make or break Michigan's season. It's a short preview, but it is a must read.

Dienhart = Clueless


Tom Dienhart thinks Pete Carroll has underachieved for the amount of talent that he has...that would depend on what you would consider success

Rivals' Tom Dienhart Pays Homage to the Advanced Football Minds of The Rivalry, Esq.


Rivals Plagiarizes The Rivalry, Esq - Punishment is Appropriately Doled Out

Tom Dienhart is off the USC Bandwagon


Likes rats off a sinking ship... Rivals.com's Tom Dienhart is the latest to give us the heave-ho! FINAL THOUGHT Do you ever wonder when someone is going to start holding USC coach Pete Carroll'...

Dienhart: Nebraska Can't Run, Can't Throw, Can't Defend - We Suck At Everything


Tom Dienhart at the Sporting News has a nice damning article about Nebraska. It's the kind of article that you're sure to read because it contains nothing good. And he pulls the old "talked off the...

Corn Flakes - Support The Boystown Athletic Department Version


Husker Mike continues to provide the best coverage around regarding the Omaha Ball Park issue. Looks like everything is level, man, full steam ahead! Cody Glenn is considering a switch to...

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