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How Do the 1945 and 2012 Football Seasons Compare?

Though this college football season will produce neither a conference nor a national championship for Georgia, it remains one of the best uncrowned seasons in school history. In that regard, the...

Big Ten Countdown 41 - Nebraska's First Bowl Game Then 20 Years Of Losing


Nebraska's 1940 season lead to their first-ever bowl game against the Stanford Indians in the 1941 Rose Bowl. The next 20 years would not be so kind to Husker football.

Too Much Information: Georgia Bulldogs at Mississippi State Bulldogs


Tomorrow night, the Georgia Bulldogs will look to stop a two-game skid in SEC play when facing the Mississippi State Bulldogs in Starkville. Dawg Sports brings you Too Much Information regarding...

Team Speed Kills: Georgia Should Run the Wishbone


Needless to say, I am not on board for any suggestion that involves telegraphing the limited play packages in which Logan Gray is utilized any more than they already are. Read my lips: T formation! Go 'Dawgs!

A Welcome College Football Comeback: The Restoration of the T Formation


War Eagle Atlanta of Track 'Em Tigers wants to see the return of the wishbone. T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports believes the Georgia Bulldogs should go back to running the T formation.

Not Just Another Joe: In Which Former Georgia Quarterback's Footsteps Will Joe Cox Follow?


Every Georgia Bulldogs football fan is asking the same questions. Can Joe Cox replace Matthew Stafford? Is he the next D.J. Shockley or the next Joe T.? Dawg Sports reaches back and finds the...

Nazi Influence on Football?


Football has often been compared with war, which is especially noticeable when it comes to terminology. Touchdown passes are called bombs, the linemen are "in the trenches", quarterbacks are "field...

Football History: Clark Shaughnessy and the T Formation


There are only two things I watch on TV with any consistency: sports and the History Channel. Lately I've been reading and reviewing books about college football history. A while back,  I reviewed...

Review: The Wow Boys - The 1940 Stanford Indians and the T Formation


'The Wow Boys' tells the story of the 1940 Stanford Indians (Stanford's mascot was the 'Indian' until 1972) football team. Coach Clark Shaughnessy arrived at Stanford in 1940 and installed the "T"...

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