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Why Minnesota May Never Be Good At Football (And How That Relates to Nebraska Basketball)


Minnesota faces huge obstacles in building a winning program in college football. Nebraska faces the same obstacles in men's basketball. How are these two programs ever going to become winners?

Kansas Hires Charlie Weis (Not a Joke!)


Two of last week's Cob of the Week candidates have been united. Kansas fans and Charlie Weis! Spencer Hall from EDSBS is probably rolling on the floor as I post this...

Kansas Fires Turner Gill


Apparently the Beakers have no patience, as they'll pay Turner Gill $6 million to not coach. "But he's a LOSER" Beaker fans will cry out. Sam McKewon of the Omaha World-Herald puts this decision in context: "* 2-20 * 5-17 * 4-19 * 5-19 "The first number is Mack Brown’s record after two years at North Carolina. "The second number is Frank Beamer’s record after two tears at Virginia Tech. "The third number is Kirk Ferentz’s record after two years at Iowa. "The fourth number is Gene Chizik’s record after two years at Iowa State – which he turned into the Auburn job. "The 5-19 mark is also what Turner Gill posted in two years at Kansas. He got fired for it." End quote from Sam McKewon. Two years is not enough time to evaluate a coach, barring something else unseemly. Turner Gill may not be Mack Brown, Frank Beamer, Kirk Ferentz, or Gene Chizik...but then, Kansas will never know. But hey, if winning is all you care about, Beakers, Jim Tressel is available.

Nebraska vs Michigan - Animated Drive Chart


Nebraska vs Michigan - Animated Drive Chart (Because We're Masochists)

The Huskers' Big Loss in the Big House to Michigan


While the officiating was bad, the Huskers offensive line and special teams play was far worse.

Cob Of the Week: Nebraska, Nebraska, Tim Beck, Texas A&M?


The worst performances of the week, as voted on by Corn Nation readers. Nominees are mostly Nebraska - Tim Beck

Minnesota Football & Nebraska Basketball Have Much in Common


A comparison between Minnesota's football program and Nebraska's basketball program. There's a lot of similarities.

Pitt Boosters Demand Firing of Steve Pederson


Big money boosters, as well as notable alumns such as Bill Fralic, are demanding the ouster of Steve Pederson as Pitt's athletic director, and they are threatening to withhold contributions if he remains. Other noteworthy Pitt alums such as Bill Fralic (color commentator on Pitt football broadcasts), Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, and Mark May are also very critical of Pederson.

Nebraska's Holiday Bowl Loss - Helping You With Excuses


Looking for some way to explain away the Washington loss? Look no further than CN. We're here to help.

Tell me if you've heard this one before: Fire Steve Pederson


Some folks around Pitt aren't waiting to see if any amount of Pedeyshine can make the hiring of Mike Hayward as head coach any more palatable.

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