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Tom Osborne's Successor Is Identified...And it's HIM?!?!?!?!?


A calculated gambit to convince a coach with Final Four credentials to come to Lincoln instead resulted in identifying Osborne's successor as athletic director.

Corn Flakes Is All About Offseason Coaching Hires And Infections


Coaches move around a lot, but in the process, do they really make America a better place to live? To work? We think not.

CBS/SI Investigation of Crime & College Football Finds Husker Program Better Than Others - But Nothing to Be Proud Of


CBS and Sports Illustrated have investigated top college football programs for players with a criminal record. Nebraska fared better than most with four players. But what does this mean to the...

Pitt Boosters Demand Firing of Steve Pederson


Big money boosters, as well as notable alumns such as Bill Fralic, are demanding the ouster of Steve Pederson as Pitt's athletic director, and they are threatening to withhold contributions if he remains. Other noteworthy Pitt alums such as Bill Fralic (color commentator on Pitt football broadcasts), Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, and Mark May are also very critical of Pederson.

It's Time for Another Steve Pederson Coaching Search!


Mere months after Steve Pederson gave Dave Wannstedt a contract extension, Wannstedt is out at Pitt. Pitt fans now get to enjoy another Pedey coaching search. Can he stretch this one out for 40+ days as well? Will Houston Nutt get an extension and a raise from 'Ol Miss? Grab your popcorn.

What A Difference Three Years Makes For Nebraska Football


Three years ago today, Steve Pederson was fired as the athletic director at the University of Nebraska. The Huskers have come so far since, it's a day of celebration!!!!!

Where I Come From: Most Memorable Nebraska Football Moments


What's your most memorable Nebraska football moment? With so many great plays, from Johnny Rodgers punt return in the 1971 Game of the Century to Tommie Frazier's 75 yard run against Florida, and...

Nebraska - The Case For Saving the Big 12


Should Nebraska make the decision to save the Big 12?

What Were YOU Doing Two Years Ago Today?


October 15, 2007 is now considered one of the greatest days in Nebraska Cornhusker history.  No national championships were won that day; heck, the Huskers didn't even play that day.  It wasn't on...

Trev Alberts: Bringing the "Nebraska Way" to Nebraska-Omaha


Former Husker linebacker and ESPN analyst Trev Alberts has changed careers, and is now athletic director at Nebraska-Omaha. In just two months, Alberts is making waves in college hockey and raising...

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