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Nebraska Cornhuskers Gameday: Arkansas State Red Wolves


Nebraska Cornhuskers (1 - 1) vs. Arkansas State Red Wolves (1 - 1) Kickoff: Saturday, September 15th, 11:00 AM CDT. Television: ESPN2 / WatchESPN Announcers: Unknown, however bribes have been...

Will Nebraska's New Offense Take The Big Ten By Storm? Previewing The No-Huddle


This ain't your father's B1G Red. What have you heard about Nebraska's new offense?

Exposed! - Mike Leach Intends to Use Two Quarterbacks, One As "Suh Bait"


Corn Nation's spy network has determined Mike Leach will use two quarterbacks in a single formation known as "Suh Bait". Death, mutilation will be tolerated, but only to a point.


Move to Spread Because of Blocking?

Interesting stuff at Husker Extra: I found this an interesting quote. I was asking Tim Beck about the play of Roy Helu, and while giving his response, he talked about how his running backs had...

The Spread Offense - How Can Nebraska (Or Anyone Else) Defend Against It?


This is part three of a three part series on the spread offense, particuarly as it pertains to Missouri and Texas Tech. Part three looks at how Nebraska (or anyone for that matter) can defend...

The Spread Offense: Why is Missouri So Effective And How Are They Different Than Texas Tech?


This is the second part of a three part series. This article looks at why Missouri is so effective with their version of the spread and how the differ from Texas Tech under Mike Leach. We pay...

The Spread Offense - Theory and Recent History


With all of the different formations and variations in offense happening in today’s college game, it’s hard to get a grasp on what makes one version of the spread better or different than another. ...


Carl Pelini Says We Can Handle Spread

Nebraska defensive coordinator Carl Pelini says the performance against New Mexico State showed that the Cornhuskers are capable of standing up against the spread offenses they'll face in coming...

Nebraska versus San Jose State Preview


The upcoming game against San Jose State isn’t all that interesting when you look at the two teams, so instead of doing a regular preview, I sat down with our new mascot Cobby to discuss the...

Corn Flakes Is Loving the Olympics


Ivan Maisel has a couple of good articles about today's speedy offenses. The first implies that the huddle may be disappearing, and the second has to do with what an up-tempo offense does to a...

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