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Why Can't Joey Move On?


At least one Husker fan hasn't moved on from the last loss of the season. Others around him blame other things. What's the real problem?

Eilandisms: "Convicted"


Everyone is going to want to discuss Soria today. Understandable. But since we have to wait for the medical reports, let's talk about one of our coaches. We have many "Yostisms," but I'm thinking we need to build a vocabulary---a grammar and syntax, for you postmodern literary types---in relation to our new man of mystery, Dave Eiland. Since pitching is going to make or break this season (given that it appears we may now have some offensive consistency), we need to learn how to understand "Eilandisms." No, I'm not talking about things you might've learned watching Tom Hanks in *Castaway*. Rather, we need to learn the language of Eiland. Let's examine an exhibit from today's KC Star (bolds mine): "His delivery is clean," pitching coach Dave Eiland said. "He’s repeating it, and he’s convicted with every pitch. It spring training, but he’s right where he needs to be. He’s under control, he’s repeating his delivery and he’s focused. What more can you ask for?" What in the hell does he mean by "convicted"? Does this mean your pitch is illegal? Bad? Filthy? Is Holland using PEDs? Does one deserve a citation, a kangaroo court appearance, and/or subservience time (e.g. carrying others bags) for this offense? Does he need to dress in jail house striped pajamas for the team's next bus trip/flight? What are your thoughts on being "convicted" as a pitcher? What other Eilandisms have you observed? - TL

A Response to the Stamkos Talks: An Open Letter to Steve Yzerman


Sadly, some people will agree with every word written here.

Report: Everyone, Ever, on Steroids


A-Rod, Manny ... move over. The latest round of steroid allegations may prove to be the most shocking yet. Yet unsubstantiated rumors are spreading like wildfire through the sports world today...

Tyler Lorenzen: Super Mad Crazy Awesome~!~!


Reach for the stars / and you just might touch them / together there's nothing we can't do! / E-S-P-N U! What an exhilarating victory for...

Ted DiBiase Jr.: It's better than the horrible first one


Ted Dibiase Jr. promoting his film "The Marine 2" by sarcastically saying: "Better than he first one." more about "Watch The Marine 2 Comic-Con 2009 Exc...", posted with v...

NFL Draft: No Huskers Drafted So Far - Clearly NFL Doesn't Understand "Value"


There were no Nebraska Cornhuskers taken in the first two rounds of the NFL draft. There were a lot of stupid Big 12 picks, however. What'd you expect, it's the NFL draft.

Kings Gameday: Good Things to Take From the Detroit Game


The Kings stink and can't score, but Jack Johnson's back!

AJ The HuskerH8r Signs Off


He takes his final shots at all you Husker fans who take your team a little too seriously.

Kobe is SO unselfish


Kobe is SO unselfish

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