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Sam Keller Sues Electronic Arts, Husker Fans Countersue


Former Husker Sam Keller is suing Electronic Arts, the maker of the video game ‘NCAA 2008', and the NCAA, for using his likeness without consent. Keller's lawsuit points out some striking...

Huskers in the 2008 NFL Draft


New Era Scouting has released a NFL draft guide that includes their own mock draft. Given all the talent that Bill Callahan was supposed to have brought in, there isn't a whole lot going on for the...

Corn Flakes - The NCAA Has An Alcohol Problem


Spring is here. That may seem obvious to most of you, but it's not so here in Minnesota, especially after this winter. It's been brutal. It's been damned cold and it just won't warm up and stop...

2007 - Good Bye And Good Riddance To A Sucky Year


2007, I take great pleasure in burying thee, you year of great suckage. If ever there is a time machine invented, you're one of the last dead years I'm coming back to see. It wasn't a great...

Sam Keller Done For Season?


Word out of Lincoln is that Sam Keller has a broken collarbone and is done for the season. Note that there's been no official word on this yet. Joe Ganz - Now Your Starting QB Looking at...

BIll Callahan's Keys To Victory Over USC


We all know what happened last year. Nebraska ran and ran and ran and people were all cranky about it as if the tried and true strategy of "keep the game close and try to steal it in the end"...

Nebraska - USC: Inside the Mind of Pete Carroll


Fellow Sportsblog Nation blog Conquest Chronicles has lead with a couple articles about the USC game, putting themselves in our shoes.  So we spent a few hours last evening inside the mind of Pete...

Nebraska - Nevada: Quick Review


Today, we looked like Nebraska. We looked like the Husker team we all want us to be. We completely dominated an opponent that we were supposed to dominate. This game was over early in the third...

Husker Quarterback Sam Keller: Best Ever?


Now that Nebraska football’s start is within 10 days and Sam Keller has been  announced as the starting quarterback for Nebraska, it's time to get serious about the football team. I thought I'd try...

Big 12 Roundtable - The Mostly Amicable Preseason Version


Footballin' time must be gettin' close because you can see the collaboration happenin' everywhere. The Blogpolls are starting up and the roundtables are rolling. This one is the first inaugural (at...

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